The Future’s Here Today: Raven


Photo: PR

Raven is an emerging producer and multi-instrumentalist from Margate, now based in London. His music is a mass of contradictions: delicate yet dancefloor-friendly; contemplative yet euphoric, minimalist but busy. The new EP Jete, French for ‘jump’, comes out on October 25th via PRAH Records.

There is a sense of movement, of reaching out for interconnected souls in a cityscape, as evinced by the monochrome cover taken by the artist’s father in the 80s of a dance troupe.  A plethora of disparate influences, from world music, as evinced by the Latin vibes and early rave of Floss, to the many layers of Steve Reich or Richard D James, in the triumphant euphoric bounce that is U Should Have Told Me.


Jete artwork.jpg


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