Happy 80th birthday, Peely!

Where would we all be without the forward- thinking John Peel ?

The late, laconic broadcaster would have been 80 yesterday. So many artists owe their careers to the great man. It was common to hear sludge metal next to Afrobeat, followed by The Charlatans, or something.

He championed the left-field, the esoteric, sometimes the unlistenable. He frequently fucked- up, from accidental moments of dead air, to of course, “another one at the wrong speed”.



His Peel Sessions (in particular, The Fall and Ivor Cutler) are the stuff of legend… Often drastically stripped back, or faster.



I miss how natural, witty and unassuming he was, but his legacy rests with the mighty 6Music, so at least we have that. Happy birthday, Peely xx



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