Pete Murphy’s Cheekbones


Photos: Getty

I’ve been a bit concerned about Peter Murphy from Bauhaus of late. His demons seem to have caught up with him again, and I hope he gets through it all unscathed.


I’d like to wax lyrical about his style, though. Few lead singers exude his grace, all arched eyebrows and withering glowers. He’s not unlike Nureyev at times. Buttoned down shirts, and simple monochrome clothing is always stylish.


Nureyev by David Bailey.


As I mentioned before (see Goth article) Bauhaus also possess a wicked sense of humour and a sense of their own innate ridiculousness. This is pretty endearing.


In his prime, his imperious beauty was a gift to monochrome photography. He looks like his voice: glamorous, haughty and elusive.

Okay, he was a clear Bowie/ Marc Bolan fan, but always acknowledged these influences, not least by covering Ziggy Stardust  /Telegram Sam.



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