Review: Kid_X at Tramway

Part of Take Me Somewhere 2019


Photos: Brian Hartley.

Bassline Circus and MHz with Feral have created a fine show here, straddling theatre, circus and dance. Kid_X is a futuristic fairytale of the titular character, a dancer with a Nanoheart (Malick Bright) and his burgeoning  love affair with rooftop selfie acrobat Gabriella (Amanda Attwood).

At the centre of it all is megalomaniac scientist Dr Lazarus (singer /MC Eva Lazarus) who regards Kid_X as her property, and makes millions from nefarious methods. Lazarus is badass, a commanding presence with a heavenly, soulful voice. The soundtrack from Mungo’s Hi Fi is brilliant old school dancehall.


Bright and Attwood are an exceptional pairing, their movements a dazzling collision of  juddering street dance and circus skills, but their characters follow a questionable trajectory: Gabriella is a symbol of validation through social media; Kid_X  effectively cyberstalks her to win her approval.



Nonetheless, it’s a visual feast and a thrilling experience. The 3D animation from Once Were Farmers goes from breathtaking urban vistas to scientific laboratories, crash-landing directly inside Instagram scrolls.

It feels like a warning to all about not succumbing to digital overload, ditching the tech for human interaction, and getting back to basics.


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