Collective Endeavours at Tramway


Solene Weinachter. Photo by Alexander Storey Gordon.

Collective Endeavours make a triumphant return with a workshop, then performance,  responding to the fantastic Pia Camil exhibition in Tramway, Bara Bara Bara.  Camil’s exhibition features thousands of T- shirts stitched together, with holes for spectators to poke heads through. It’s a comment on consumerism, greed and the disposability of fashion, but it also looks beautiful, like vast, colourful canopies.

As this exhibition is interactive, so too is the contact improvisation workshop from Collective Endeavours, where the audience can sing, move around the space and dance with each other.

The performance itself is superb. Dancers Solene Weinachter and Aya Kobayashi perform with musicians Jer Reid and Alex South in frenetic bursts of energy. South’s clarinet at one point sounds like a human pulse, before flatlining.  Reid’s guitar vacillates between liquid honey, or little ripples and stabs.

Their bodies roll, glide or fall in on themselves. Weinachter and Kobayashi sway, weave in and out of the textiles and free associate words and actions.

At another point, South carries Weinachter on his back like a crustacean with a shell. The movement choreography is playful, unpredictable and utilities Tramway’s gallery space beautifully. Reid runs the full space of the gallery as though escaping the cops.

It’s a beautiful, witty performance, accessible to all. As Weinachter says after the performance, “For once, people decided where to sit and stayed in that space, rather than move around. With the workshop, we let them into how we work”.

She smiles, “It’s been great. It feels more democratic as a process.”

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