Lost In Music: Scrawl- Green Beer


Scrawl original lineup:  Carolyn O’ Leary, Sue Harshe and Marcy Mays

Scrawl remain an underrated, underachieving band. Formed in Ohio in the eighties when the band were still in their twenties, they were brilliant songwriters and musicians with a wry lyricism.


Marcy Mays

He’s Drunk came out just prior to the grunge explosion and remains a doozy. Sadly, they fell foul of Rough Trade falling to pieces in the US. But the music they left remains classic: garage band , punk -influenced songs with blistering riffs and sweet, sardonic vocals.

Marcy Mays, the guitarist, recently played onstage at ATP with Afghan Whigs. I still get chills to this day whenever I hear Green Beer. 



4 thoughts on “Lost In Music: Scrawl- Green Beer

  1. I heard Scrawl thanks to The Whigs’ My Curse. Definitely a band that deserved more, eh?

    I was just thinking of that ATP appearance… 2012. Jeez.

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