Bacon Is Sizzling!

Ryan Bacon, guest columnist


Ryan Bacon telling it straight

So, Jacob Rees-Mogg has incurred the wrath of the Guardianistas and the  tres liberal wet wipes, eh? His new book, The Victorians, was met with critical derision the other day. The so-called ‘critical’ thinking is that he is pushing his own agenda, and that some of the book is factually inaccurate.

Well, I for one have had it with these lefty backlashes. Rees-Mogg is a free thinking, intelligent and educated man. Out of step with the majority, he may be, but that doesn’t mean he should be vilified by the sneering, right-on brigade.

He speaks to the people who are marginalised in our society: white men. Bloody trans, feminists, blacks and the like are dominating the planet, and we are losing our voice. It’s a disgrace. Men, white men like me, will be trampled to the bottom because we’re not ‘cool’ anymore. Mark my words.


Marginalised: Jacob Rees-Mogg

Speaking of our chaps getting a raw deal, I am donning my black armband in the wake of the recent cancellation of The Jeremy Kyle Show.  For my money, Jezza spoke the truth. If all these drug addicts, toothless spongers and single mums just got off their fat arses and got a job, they wouldn’t have time to overpopulate this once wonderful country of ours.

Kyle said what the rest of us thought in ridiculing these losers, and I for one shall miss the outspoken, misunderstood truth teller. His DNA results brightened up many a chippy tea for me, I can tell you. Topnotch entertainment. Jeremy Kyle, I salute you, sir. I hope he joins UKIP.


Much missed: Kyle.

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