I Miss George Dawes


Photos: BBC archive

Baby, I love you. I think about George Dawes a lot. The grown man in a babygro was far and away the best thing about Vic and Bob’s anti- panel show  Shooting Stars.

His appearances behind the drum kit were the stuff of legend: he presented non- sequiturs and hurled abuse as, variously; Kray twin thug, Brett Anderson, Elton John, gentleman giant, or Victoria Woodesque mum Marjorie.




And the songs, oh, boy, the songs… Cheerfully anarchic paeans to baked potatoes; lesbians or peanuts, they are especially funny when Lucas corpses.

It seems that Lucas’  best -loved character has been informed by performance art. Divine took that which made him unique (his size and androgyny) – so, too, with Lucas, who had alopecia aged six, and won kids over with his cheeky humour.

His physicality is close to clowning, but more in the bouffon tradition, amplifying the bizarre, yet all delivered with a cute smile.



George Dawes, I salute you. ‘Peanuuuuuts!’



7 thoughts on “I Miss George Dawes

    1. George Dawes is surely his finest moment, apart from Shirley ‘She doesn’t have the range’ Bassey…


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