Lucifer Over Lanarkshire: Nile Rodgers


Chic in their Studio 54 heyday. Photo: Getty

‘Oh, hey there. I didn’t see you come in. Take a seat, my friend. I am Nile Rodgers, Chic’s funky main man, and I would just like a few minutes to tell you how it was that I came to invent music. ‘

*Chuckles fondly*

‘Before Chic, before Madonna, before David Bowie and the Daft Punks, I was sittin’ on a perch in my porch, lamenting the loss of my baby, whittlin’ some wood. I had the blues, had ’em real bad. I thought to myself, hmmmmm… That sounds like a neat term for a hitherto unknown genre of music. Even though it was 1974′.

Enough, already. Every time BBC 4 do a documentary on funk/disco/pop/techno etc, Nile is there, grinning away, proclaiming his unfettered genius. Let’s just get a few things straight here. Bowie described his 80s period as ‘my Phil Collins years’. That’s not good, is it, kids? Let’s Dance is scarcely the pinnacle of Bowie’s creative achievements. It is commercial hokum. You know, it’s okay, but he eschewed the experimental for something he knew would make him a global superstar. And it hasn’t dated well.


Photo: Getty Images


d punk

Photo: PR

Daft Punk? Nope. Haven’t really done anything interesting in years. And you can bet when Rodgers does appear on other artists’ work, he will be playing the same fucking riff he has always played. I get it, okay? Chic were trailblazers, love them. Sister Sledge were great, Madonna was fabulous pop. But Rodgers is just doing the same old, in 2019, without any real development of style, and he sells out stadium shows on the back of this. Shut it, Rodgers.

*Disclaimer: I honestly like a lot of his music, I am just sick of the same old shit from this cat. And stop going on about Bowie, he made his best work with Visconti and Eno.

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