Lost In Music: Pom Poko- Crazy Energy Night


Pom Poko outside the Hug and Pint, Glasgow. Taken 8th April, 2019. Photo: Twitter/ Pom Poko.

Ahhh, shucks.😌😆😳😍

I’ve got, as we say in Scotland, ‘a pure riddy’. This means, I’m embarrassed. I’ve got the biggest art crush on Pom Poko, whom I reviewed on Monday night at the Hug and Pint for The Wee Review


See my gushing five star review there. They are an all- too- rare gem, a band who are noisy as fuck, but with cute melodies and philosophical ponderings within their lyrics. Easily one of the finest gigs I’ve ever witnessed, they blew my mind. They make me very happy indeed. I may scratch their name on my pencil case, and swoon a little.

The latest video for brilliant new single Crazy Energy Night , taken from the debut album Birthday, came out a few weeks ago, and it’s gross and very funny. Created by artist collective Narves1Biblioteke, it goes beautifully with the crashing energy of the track.

Birthday is out now, via Bella Union. See them now on tour, or on a forthcoming tour in October. 



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