TV Review: This Time


If ever there was a man who embodied entitled white middle -class Brexit-era Britain, it had to be Alan Gordon Partridge. For it is he.

A man out of time, he’s trying, desperately, to stay relevant with contemporary issues (like using the word “tashhag”; feminism, and hard- hitting news items on post-bathroom hygiene) but is cut adrift from society, like Major Tom from the spaceship.


Steve Coogan’s portrayal remains as excruciatingly brilliant as the day he was minted, but now he’s got a superb foil to work against, in the shape of brilliant Susannah Fielding as Jennie Gresham, his magazine show co-anchor. The Katy Perry lookalike is ferociously ambitious, slick and barely holding it together as Partridge yet again holds forth on whatever mind- spew pops from his addled brain.


It’s been criticised for its cruelty, but Partridge has always been a narcissistic dick- It’s the sliver of vulnerability which makes him recognisable and human. You still wouldn’t want to be stuck in a lift with him, though.

Fawlty wouldn’t have succeeded without the pathetic, desperate need to belong; so, too with Partridge. His fashion item with Sidekick Simon (Tim Key on fab form) is golden Partridge- oddly camp, yet mired in retro wrong-headed pronouncements.


All photos: BBC/ Baby Cow

Rival hosts; a cringeworthy tribute to the previous presenter- now deceased, an allergic reaction, the lookalike and his Irish rebel songs… It’s like he’s never been away.

Plus, assistant Lynne gets more to do here, and she can be quite catty, which is lovely to witness. Felicity Montague is superb as ever, fussing over her co- dependent boss/ friend/ rival with her usual tender bossiness.

‘ I wanna second series!’

Available via BBC I Player.

6 thoughts on “TV Review: This Time

    1. Or just a reaction shot. Beautiful stuff. The magazine show format is perfect. Especially when he thinks he is sticking it to the man…

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