Bobby Gillespie Writes A Classic


Photo: PR


‘This is the one ‘, Bobby smiles beatifically, feet up at the mixing desk. ‘Gram Parsons. The Ramones. Motown. Iggy Pop. Bowie. Can. Kraftwerk. Roxy Music. Renee and Renato. This is some good shit. Purest rock and roll, man. But for the dancefloor. The one they’ll remember me for. Big chorus. A mandolin solo like Maggie May

…It’s beautiful,man. True beauty. A frazzled masterpiece. Pure, like, drugged-up, smacked- out euphoria. Like Spiritualized, but kinda… Pop, know what ah mean, man?’

artists audience band blue

Photo by Jacob Morch on


Primal Scream’s manager scratches his arse. ‘Aye, Bobby. Just get the fucker remixed’.

Bobby Gillespie’s latest producer, a 90s dance music legend, hits a button, leaving a drum track, hand clap and riff intact, but very little of the original song.

A new ‘classic’ is thus created.


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