Silent Chaos @ Cryptic Nights

  • What is about your work that you feel fits with the ethos of the Cryptic Nights? For sure the commitment we have in crossing the creative boundaries. We are always looking for new ways of expression using different kinds of techniques and technological means, always looking for fresh ideas to develop.


  • Do you find yourself working between genres often – Cryptic seems to aim somewhere between art, music and performance? We often work between genres: we used to work a lot with experimental theatre performers and contemporary artists, and we have often sonorized art exhibitions. Now we are mostly focused in audio/video performances, but we are always open to any kind of collaboration with every kind of artists, so let’s see what the future will have to offer.


  • What attracted you to work with Cryptic? We have always worked by ourselves and we have never received any kind of help or support because we are “not fitting in any genre” and we don’t like to be constricted in genres boundaries. That is exactly what Cryptic does. We love their freedom and forward thinking, the way they work to push any kind of boundaries, the total commitment to art in every form as an expression of the human spirit.


  • How well does this piece fit with other work that you have made? The idea and inspiration for this work come from far away in time: our work is a process in continuous evolution. We are always searching for a sound, a primeval sound that can resonate in each of us, so since Silent Chaos has been born, we explored the ability of electronic instruments to recreate that sound, in many different ways. ‘Origins’ is the last attempt of doing so, and the more we go forward, the more we get closer to that primeval sound.


  • Do you have a particular approach to developing your work? Usually an idea for a work come unexpectedly, while we are talking about philosophy and Chief World systems. Once we have the concept we focus on the creation of sounds, of video storyline and on all the technical aspects. Then we refine audio and video at theirs best, so we can start trying the whole performance all together, that is where we let ourselves go and where the real magic happens.

About Silent Chaos

Silent Chaos (Marta NoOne: modular synth, vocals, FX, laptop and video programming & Ugo Vantini: electronic and acoustic drums and percussions, loops, samplers, field recordings manipulation) is an experimental audiovisual project founded in Rome, 2016. Their sound is structured but not predictable, working on impromptu compositions developed through improvisation. With an interest in the past, present, and future they create a mash up of ancient sonorities and electronics. They released their debut album Micro through Eclectic Productions in 2017 and were featured in four international compilations; the second album Osclltr 012 was released in 2018 through Berlin label Osclltr Records. Silent Chaos have created sound for various art exhibitions, acted in theatrical and radio performances, and have performed with their audiovisual show at the Italian contemporary art museum MAAM and in various other venues between Italy and the UK. Currently based in the north-east of Scotland, Silent Chaos have presented their composition Schizophrenia in Schizophonia in a live performance at the SERG Sonic Realities International Postgraduate Research Conference 2018 in Aberdeen and have performed at the King’s College Chapel for The University of Aberdeen Music Department, where Marta is currently completing a Masters in Sonic Arts. Most recently, they performed new site-specific work Permutations at the Kirk of St Nicholas in Aberdeen for sonADA inTransit III, a series of concerts preceding the 2018 sonADA Festival.


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