Review: Savage Mansion- Revision Ballads

a1123412365_16This debut album from Glasgow based wrong ‘uns Savage Mansion is a fuzzy pop peach.

Featuring the inimitable Craig Angus on lead vocals, alongside Jamie Dubber, Taylor Stewart and Andrew McPherson, the band make a wonderfully hooky racket with songs which burrow deep into your brain and stay there. They’re fully formed songs with heart, wit and urgency.



Influences such as Pavement, Neil Young and Parquet Courts are woven into the sung / chanted, rifftastic ‘Elwood’, ‘Nudist Beach’ and ‘No Flags’ , but there’s more going on under the surface than just a nod to slacker indie.

As with the acerbic Mr Malkmus, the lyrics feature deceptively clever and barbed little vignettes about societal misrule, alienation and standing up to oppressors. Martha Ffion provides gorgeous backing vocals too. A future indie classic.

Out now via Lost Map Records.




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