A Worthwhile Read…

To be honest, there is little to add to Jessica Brough’s article, apart from directing readers towards its reasonable analysis of a problem that isn’t just evident at the Fringe. Her incredibly useful list of shows at Fringe 2018 is both a resource I wish I had noticed earlier and, hopefully, the beginning of a project to catalogue shows that might otherwise be lost in the chaos of the Fringe. That’S not to expect Brough to do all the work, merely that this template manages to introduce a considerable number of intersectional performances – many of which were of an outstanding quality (see The List for multiple reviews, of course).


Apart from saying something condescending about the importance of including a diverse range of voices within theatre, or pontificating about how the ensembles I see on stage are not reflecting the community in which I live, it’s enough to say that Brough surveys a the landscape for a conversation that is really necessary. grant_3C45ED28-2E55-45DC-8EA0-6811E86D8641

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