Review: Bayonne- Drastic Measures



‘Drastic Measures’ is another lovely slice of ambient electronic experimentation from Austin, Texas composer, producer and artist, Roger Sellers, aka Bayonne.

It’s electronic music which feels like liquid sunshine. ‘Uncertainly Deranged’ may be the riposte to the (barely) sentient chicken nugget in the White House right now, but it’s such a sweet thing that it’s impossible to feel cynical as its layers caress. Sellers’ cautious optimism is infectious.


Simply, the multi-instrumentalist has done it again. There’s lush instrumentation on every track, all played and produced by him, and it creates a warm, blissed -out vibe. ‘Same’ has a ticklish, ambient piano line and the luminous ‘Enders’ feels like a lullaby from a sci-fi film.

There are even retro nods towards earlier proponents of electronic music like Yellow Magic Orchestra in the chimes of ‘I Know’.

Obviously, Sellers is not quite reinventing pop here, but what he does, he does beautifully, with a kind and hopeful heart for better days- and surely nobody can say fairer than that. Clever rabbit.

Out via City Slang on February 22nd.


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