Review: Eerie Wanda- Pet Town


Photo: Adam Harding

Eerie is right. All good horror aficionados know that it’s not the jump scares which most unsettle the viewer- rather, it is the sense of isolation- the abandoned warehouse at twilight, and the sense of what lurks beyond it.

Eerie Wanda, fronted by Netherlands- based Croatian singer Marina Tadic, have released this , their second album to little fanfare. It is ridiculously beautiful, with low- key production and Tadic’s gorgeous, hushed tones which are reminiscent of the late, much- missed Broadcast singer Trish Keenan. Her voice is never loud, and yet it’s dreamlike and creepy.

It is easy to imagine her in a David Lynch feature, wearing a frothy dress, singing and swaying in a bar, as unspeakably evil things happen just outside of the venue.

The retro style is part of the charm. ‘ Moon’ is a waltz inspired by dreams. It seems simple, with Tadic sighing, ‘ I take a staircase and walk to the moon/ when I open my eyes, I’m in my room’. Yet the melody line doesn’t go where it should, and it sounds ineffably sad and lonely.



‘Hands Of the Devil’ has flamenco -like handclaps, and ‘Magnetic Woman’ and ‘Couldn’t Tell’ are evocative of Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto’s heyday- disarming and wide-eyed, yet with an unsettling undercurrent.

In heaven, as ever, it seems that everything is fine.

Out now via Joyful Noise.


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