Adam Buxton on Bowie

downloadfile-3Comic actor, podcast presenter and pop culture buff Adam Buxton first achieved success in Britain in the 90s alongside Joe Cornish in the playful, DIY Adam and Joe Show (1996-2001) which fused satire and parody to great effect.

Who can forget their film parodies using cuddly toys? Ridiculous, yet knowing, they used fanboy culture to affectionately homage their heroes. It was like an adult Blue Peter (although, not as gruesome as that sounds).


Photo: Terry O’ Neill/ Getty Images

So it is with Buxton’s Bowie parodies. They’re ace. He’s uncannily like him, right down to the quirky way he said the letter ‘S’ like a ‘Z’. This one takes the form of a sitcom structure, a la The Good Life, and features a surreal exchange between David and Angie, as they discuss new character names for him…

The Lego figures in this wee clip only make it cuter and more bizarre…


Happy birthday, David Bowie!

πŸ’‹βš‘πŸŽ‚ πŸ’—

You’re so, so much missed. And we can only imagine with a shudder Viscount Jizzmark, let alone Cobbler Bob…




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