Review: David Bowie: The Lost Sessions


Okay, so the quality of some of these recordings is variable,but at least these are now available.

At nearly two hours, this compilation features previously unreleased radio sessions from 1966-1972.

From Bowie’s Anthony Newley period, through his Lindsay Kemp mime time, through his ‘man dress’ to the mighty red mullet, this is a great insight into the trajectory of his burgeoning career. There’s a sense of plotting, waiting, then pouncing. And nothing could ever be the same again.

Highlights include the Velvet Underground ‘Sunday Morning’-esque twinkle of ‘When I’m Five’, an incredibly jaunty ‘Love You Til Tuesday’, ‘Andy Warhol’, Brel’s classic ‘Amsterdam’ and oodles more. And there’s interviews, and that famously filthy cackle…


(Taken from Radio Caroline, Top Gear and Sounds Of The Seventies, among others)

Out now via Left Field Music


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