🎃None More Goth

🎃 Halloween playlists are of course highly subjective. I resisted the John Carpenter Halloween theme tune, Goblin’s original creepy tune for Suspiria or Michael Zombie Jackson and Thriller. These are Goth, from the crimped hair, right down to their crushed velvet, and pointy toed boots. Pass the snakebite.

Moonchild – Fields Of The Nephilim

All Goth video clichés present and correct here. Carl McCoy’s sepulchral growl chills to the marrow, and I love the evil guitar riff. He’s probably working in IT now.

Serpent’s Kiss- The Mission

Proof that Goths, contrary to popular belief, did have a sense of humour and got fresh air and sunshine now and again. They even kick a ball about. Why does Craig stab a lobster? It was the eighties. Best not to know.

Prescilla- Bat For Lashes

More daylight and fresh air, albeit in a kinda Pagan pilgrimage way. Natasha Khan is badass, and she rocks a harpsichord. I want to hang out with her, drink absinthe and read Angela Carter books.

Happy House – Siouxsie and the Banshees

Can’t miss out uber goddess Siouxsie. Horror film aesthetic. Song about claustrophobia and depression. Check. Turned into a dance anthem, bizarrely, a few years ago.

What’s Inside A Girl?/ Hot Pearl Snatch- The Cramps on The Tube

Fnar, fnar. Single entendre rockabilly pervs The Cramps (RIP Lux Interior) on The Tube were a massive influence on me. I’d never seen anything like them. Utter filth. Poison Ivy was an incredible guitarist.

Charlotte Sometimes- The Cure

Melancholic perfection. Crimped hair. Solitude of the outsider, and Smith’s voice is like teardrops . Love it.

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