“The Actor Kevin Eldon”


All photos: BBC/archive

Kevin Eldon. Man. Actor. Poet. Buddhist. Cheeky faced raconteur.

He’s all of this and oodles more. Pick yer favourite comedy show, he’ll have been genius in it. Big Train; Black Books, Spaced, Jam, Brass Eye, Saxondale, I’m Alan Partridge, Knowing Me, Knowing You, and as a member of Kraftwerk doing Das Hokey Cokey mit der Bill Bailey. His film roles are splendid, too.


Kevin and Bob, ‘It’s Kevin’


He’s an incredibly cool, versatile actor, morphing into whatever you need, and best of all, he created, for the underrated It’s Kevin (2013) my favourite sketch ever. The Sex Pistols Bill Grundy episode sent shockwaves across Britain in the seventies when the band, plus their mates, the Bromley Contingent, swore- yes, actually SWORE, live – on evening TV. *Gasp!* *clutches pearls*



So Eldon and co recreated it in their own inimitable style. Want to see it? Go on, then, you’ve been good. Look out for Bridget Christie as Siouxsie, she’s hilarious.

(Lorna Irvine)


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