Warped Pop


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There’s a really interesting new trend at the moment: music influenced by Krautrock, electronic pioneers like Daphne Oram and so on, then yer Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada etc.

But the key element is that the music must sound woozy, like old 45s which have been left by the radiator to warp. It could be the psychedelic influence of course, but let’s just examine this for a sec.


Marc Riley favourites BC Camplight are loose canons. Love this summer anti-hit: the deranged siren sound of the synth, Brian’s sinister vocals juxtaposed against the bizarre 80s Pat Benatar- like pleading ‘when you gonna come home?’ female vocals. And the reference to Johnny B Goode. Very, very odd and yet strangely catchy.

The wonderful Dev Hynes has long been a musical chameleon, from the appallingly named indie riot Test Icicles to his heartfelt anti- folk singer songwriter phase with Lightspeed Champion. Now, living in America and recording as Blood Orange, he’s a more soulful proposition. This is so slinky and sexy but… Warped-sounding. R&B, yet slightly off. That video, though. Aww.

Teleman are lovely lads. There’s something so winning about the way they combine narcotic weird synths with wide-eyed 80s English pop. Family Of Aliens has just landed, and if I were you, I’d turn off the lights and stay indoors until we suggest otherwise.

Portishead’s Geoff Barrow was never going to come back with party bangers for kiddies, let’s face it. But this is some truly disturbing,weird-ass pop. Sci-fi indie,anyone? Bristol has a lot to answer for. I have no idea what I mean by this, they just make my head feel funny. I’m off for a wee lie down.

(Lorna Irvine)

2 thoughts on “Warped Pop

  1. Loads of good ‘retro’ synth stuff out there just now. Most of the stuff I listen to doesn’t have vocals, but it’s pretty amazing.

    Of these, I’ll be checking out a bit more of Teleman and Beak.

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