Prochainement: Christine and the Queens- ‘Chris’


‘Chris’ album out in September

‘Chris.’ There are two Chrises, androgynous beauties both, and they’re best buds.

She’s cool like Madonna in the bath in ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’. He’s awesome, like a Janet Jackson dance move.

They’re gonna steal the parental car, evade the olds,and just…drive.Where? They don’t know yet. Any suggestions?

Chris is growing out the wave now, it really sucked. Cut it off someone. Time to get streamlined. Chris will help. He wants to look like Jean Paul Belmondo, but he’s too pretty.


They’re gonna get some smokes, and just say, fuck the prom.

‘Doesn’t matter’.

A hundred glitter balls smash in the air to this slick slice of blue-eyed funk. No air guitar here, this is strictly homegirls and boys in Gucci loafers: a pastel colored Hell, but at least the music’s okay. Got a new CD player, and the sound quality? It’s rad.

You and your gnarly friends can go fish. We are outta here. ‘Girlfriend? Don’t feel like a girlfriend’.

Don’t wait up.


Photo: Getty

(Lorna Irvine)

‘Chris’ is released via Because on September 21st


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