Review: Mark Lanegan/Duke Garwood- With Animals


Photo: Steve Gullick

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. The second team up between Lanegan and Garwood is a road trip across a dangerous terrain, seething with traps for predatory animals and serial killers.

‘You are a murderer, girl you are a murderer’, croons Lanegan on the title track, the man whose voice is husky on the lower register, sweet and exposed when higher.

These songs have life etched into them with a flick knife. ‘Upon Doing Something Wrong’ is just an acoustic guitar,and that voice.

Disarmingly sexy and just plain disturbing at times, these country noir confessionals are soaked in 3 am sadness and recalcitrance, when the booze has worn off, and time moves painfully slowly.

‘One Way Glass’ is stripped back and vulnerable, ‘To make a flowery garland of my pain… Something lonelier than death’, he sighs, vocals almost spent, to minimal keys. Sin and redemption, the poison and antidote… These classic themes are threaded throughout, yet the duo make us see them with new, if red, eyes.

The opening track ‘Save Me’, an eerie, psychedelic electronic shuffle sets out its stall early. Lanegan impels: ‘Come on people… Create your own alchemy’. In a seemingly godless world, that seems just about the best way, and all we can hope- if not pray- for.


(Lorna Irvine)

Out on Heavenly Recordings, Aug 24. UK tour in October.

2 thoughts on “Review: Mark Lanegan/Duke Garwood- With Animals

  1. Looking forward to this one a whole lot. The tracks I’ve heard so far (Save Me, Scarlett, and the title track) have not disappointed. In fact, managing expectations, etc. I dare say this will be there at at the end of the year as one of my favourites.


  2. Thanks, you and me both. It’s beautiful,and that’s despite a strong year for albums (Ezra Furman,Young Fathers, White Horses, Kamasi Washington etc).


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