Review: Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound



The Leeds band are back with an ambitious, restless album which is drenched in particles of synthy static and call-and-response bubblegum harmonies. Black Rainbow Sound is gorgeous, inspired odd pop.

The title track, featuring Brix Smith- Start’s glorious guest vocals , some suitably scratchy riffs and motorik rhythm is of course a dizzying collage of past and present.

Tongue seems precariously balanced between innocence and malice, melting in summer heat. As I write, this feels appropriate.

Satellite is a skewered piece of synthy pop, machine made flesh through fragile girl group vocals. Crawl In Love is like a sonic collision of Spiritualized and Stereolab.


It just fits, even when the styles shouldn’t really mesh together. So, Holy Crow takes a psychedelic organ and fuses it with library music soaked in reverb. Like Rainbow Juice’s lysergic ripples of keyboard and incantations are liable to bring flashbacks.

Lie back and let its warped, majestic  festival eccentricity fill up the room. (Lorna Irvine)

Out via Memphis Industries on Aug 31st

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