Anton Corbijn in Black & White


Kate Moss

There’s just something about black and white portrait photography, right? It smooths out rough edges, hides facial blemishes and uneven tones.


David Bowie


Nick Cave

Under the right gaze and hands, anyone or anything can be rendered cinematic. Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn, famed for his work with Joy Division and U2, as well as his feature film on the former, Control, has a moody style. There’s a vulnerability to his finest work.


Ian Curtis from Joy Division


Kate Bush


The Slits

These are some favourites of mine. Who else could make The Slits look like Victorian waifs (long before Courtney Love or Kat Bjelland) spread Kate Bush’s hair out like a fan, or have much of Gerard Depardieu’s face covered in smoke, like a more dissolute Bond?


Tom Waits


Gerard Depardieu

(Lorna Irvine)

All photography by Anton Corbijn.


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