Three Very Partridge Moments


Photo: Baby Cow

Steve Coogan’s finest comedy creation still sustains, because he’s rooted in truth: a hybrid of David Coleman, Richard Madeley and Michael Parkinson. He’s a man out of time; petty, reactionary, hugely resistant to multi-culturalism, and new pop music. At his best, he’s a Billy Liar figure, deluded but vulnerable. At his worst, a kiss-ass, bigoted little prick.


‘Do you want me to lapdance for you?’ Photo: Baby Cow

His knitwear and boring haircuts speak volumes, stuck in an endless loop of dad rock. He’s a stranger to the mosh pit, sex, booze and drugs. From Clapton to Clannad, if it’s easy listening, he has an ear. His tastes reflect his character. He’s real ale and banal local radio, lowbrow airport reads, voluptuous ladies and James Bond.


So, so many cringe-worthy moments to choose from, here are but three. In no particular order. ‘Lynn, start the car!’

Tony Hayers Pitch

After his disastrous chat show Knowing Me, Knowing You goes tits up, he tries at a business lunch to pitch to BBC chief commissioner Tony Hayers (David Schneider) some of the most Partridge- esque ideas ever known. Monkey Tennis, anyone? But before that, he imagines selling his soul for a lapdance.


To prove his masculinity to two media types he wishes to impress- portrayed by Peter Baynham and Simon Pegg- Partridge invents a cocktail called Ladyboys. It’s pure fluke, as he bought a drink for Lynn, as well as himself, and bizarrely, couldn’t admit he’d done so. He drinks all of them, promptly passes out, and dreams…of Ladyboys. You know, it’s confusing. He doesn’t fancy them, or anything. Honest.

Broadcaster V Farmer

Notable for his offending a farmer, played by one Chris Morris (himself a divisive figure with satirical shows like Jam and Brass Eye offending many people) the anti- farmer rant gets surreal in his appraisal of the rural community. It’s classic, wrong-headed nonsense by someone who means well, but can’t resist trying to be controversial for attention.


(Lorna Irvine)

7 thoughts on “Three Very Partridge Moments

  1. Amazing. I’d actually started watching Knowing Me Knowing You again recently, as I spotted it on Netflix. But the Partridge stuff after that got canned was the real gold…


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  2. It really is. I think it’s possibly Coogan’s shadow self, in a sense? I always wonder what Sue Cook did to him. Only he knows. Jurassic Park!


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