Review: Liquid Sky, Tramway



Photo: Nadia Otshudi

Bassline Circus and Sue Zuki’s Liquid Sky is a blast of visual theatre which interrogates the way we perceive genres and performance, through the prism of Doris Lessing’s writing on an imagined female-led society.

Performer Aedin Walsh moves tentatively at first, sensing out her terrain, uncurling and whipping a UV  coloured rope. She is at once warrior queen, feral outcast and matriarch. Her body casts a shadow like a clenched fist on the screen.

As she dons electronic lights resembling feline eyes, she is blindfolded, moving with pure instinct on the rope in response to Sue Zuki’s ethereal soul music, bass and beats. ‘ My twisted sister… Let me comb your hair’, she sings, both goading and seductive.


Photo: Jack Wrigley

Jack Wrigley’s lasers split the ceiling in rippling primary colours, both psychedelic retro and future- facing. Red splodges of light pick out the curves of, and respond to the movement of , Walsh’s suspended body.

Wisps of colourful cloud illuminate the atmosphere: sometimes jarring; sometimes meditative.




When Walsh hangs upside down, flexes and scissor kicks, she’s precise like a modernist cat burglar, drawing audible gasps from the crowd.

This sci-fi -infused work is anathema to any notions of a dystopian future, instead focusing on the possibility of strength through femininity. Timely, powerful and magnificent.

(Lorna Irvine)

Part of Take Me Somewhere



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