Review: Cat Loud- To The End Of The World!



Photo: Snookie Mono

Welcome to the apocalypse, Cat Loud style. The glam surroundings of Sloan’s Ballroom are the setting for the jazz singer’s brilliant meditation on society, in the form of impending doom. Turns out that we are all toast, sooner rather than later, so let’s toast the here and now together.

Blending a monologue which is as sharp and pointed as a stiletto with her incredible renditions of popular songs, Loud’s latest repertoire is funny (‘Brenda, a 56 year old Daily Mail reading housewife, will lead the way like Boudica’) and heart-rending in equal measure. From Adele’s Bond film theme Skyfall to classic standard Wild Is The Wind, she knows when to let her voice soar and when to take it down to a whisper. She can silence the room with one word, one flick of her arm, one little wink.

Loud creates an effortlessly relaxed atmosphere, the sense that the audience is sat in her living room. She  is endearing, and has the self-possession of a child and the world-weary cynicism of an old soul, without the clichés of both. Cellist Fraser Parry accompanies her, undercutting her gorgeously soulful voice with stabs and strokes of exquisite playing. Her Fringe shows have been rapidly picking up admirers year by year, and this time next year, she will surely be playing bigger venues. Catch her while she is still cabaret’s best-kept secret-this won’t be for much longer…

(Lorna Irvine)


Touring. For more information head to the website.


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