Ten 10 Word Film Reviews

I sometimes tend to waffle on in some of my reviews, so I set myself this task. Could I review ten seemingly random films in ten words? Some old, some newer…less is more, after all- economy of language, etc. Have a go yourself- win a fabulous prize.*

Les Amants du Pont Neuf: Fireworks when two lost souls find each other, outside society.

This Is Spinal Tap: Evergreen genius rock star parody turns satire up to eleven.


The Sound Of Music: It’s okay, nobody can kill us if we dance about.

This Is 40: Impossibly beautiful and vacuous ageing hipsters whinge about their lives.

this is 40

Titanic: Ultimate icebreaker-it’s an unsinkable classic… piece of mawkish shit.

Jaws:  A reminder not to take your bathing costume on holiday.

Cabaret: Nazis, two ladies, green nail polish, Aryans, sex, bowler hats.


The Grand Budapest Hotel: Fiennes’ felonious fiendish fellow finds fun and form fully functioning!

fiennes swinton

ET: Wee rubber alien dude melts even hard-hearted cynics, getting home.

Paddington 2: Bear (sic) back- duffle coated and booted for box office takings.



(Lorna Irvine)

*Prize is your sense of achievement.


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