Mix Tape: Three to See at Edinburgh Fringe

Music and theatre are often inextricably linked. Theatre maker and performer Gary McNair recently said during a Tron Theatre Scratch Night reading , Come To Where I’m From, that he can trace where he was in his life through the albums of REM. As I can relate to music evoking different time periods (my first proper relationship, and subsequent break-up, will always be there in The Cure’s Disintegration for me) I wanted to look at three shows, two of which are plays, one of which is a gig with theatrical touches, coming to the Edinburgh Festival in 2017.

Indie As Fuck

Indie As Fuck 2017

Few things sting like being a teenager. Written by Kirsten McPake and with music by Peter Stewart, the short but eventful life of a teenage indie band comes into sharp focus in this thoughtful gig-cum-theatre show, which emulates the buzz of a real gig, as the performers also play live songs throughout.

After a successful run in 2015, Pinched! Theatre Company return for 2017. Their fictional band Cold Light is based on their own experiences of being in a band, and the hopes and ambitions that they all shared.Original songs,full of energy and swearing-sounds like an ideal show.

Indie As Fuck 2

C Royale, Edinburgh, Aug 2-28th (not 15), 10.25 pm.


Camille O’Sullivan: Where Are We Now?



Drama; humour, glitter, tears, glamour, red wine, chansons, swansongs. For any Fringe goer over the years, Camille is synonymous with the Festival. Theatrical, minxy and dark, she is a unique treasure. This time around, with her new show, Where Are We Now? she will be visiting the last songs of David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, as well as the likes of PJ Harvey, Nine Inch Nails and Nick Cave.

A carousel of emotions, bold gestures and heart-rending vocals, think of it as a greatest hits compilation with cheeky one-liners (she is also a great wit). Beware, all those in the front row- she has a tendency to prowl on occasion.

Circus Hub,Edinburgh Aug 4-26, 19.45 pm.


From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads

from i to the nf

Photo: Ben Hopper

Martin is a troubled young man. On his 18th birthday, his mother gives him news about his errant father, thus setting in motion a journey to find him, the late David Bowie, but ultimately, himself.

The critically-acclaimed play, written and directed by Adrian Berry is a moving look at mental health, masculinity, family and, of course, the Thin White Duke.

Not such a ‘godawful small affair’.



from ibiza

Photo: Ben Hopper

Pleasance Courtyard Aug 2-28 13.55 pm

(Lorna Irvine)



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