Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Focus On:Lola and Jo


Previous hit show Away Day


“Are you an 18 to 80-year-old employed or unemployed middle-income earner, from an urban or rural area who shops online or in store? Ambitious fame-hungry comedians Lola and Jo wanted to stop their day jobs before the Fringe but with therapy bills, an Uber dependency and lack of self-control at their local Wetherspoons – they can’t. Instead they’re working for market research company FocusOn collecting data on flight comparison websites, kitchen towel and cereal bars and trying to turn it into a character comedy show.”

Lola Stephenson and Jo Griffin, who have just performed at Latitude, are the outspoken comic duo behind this new show, gently spewing out modern life for the audience’s delectation. The follow-up to their successful show Away Day, Focus On… takes swipes at these absurd times and asks questions about how we can make sense of it all.

Booze, consumerism, bills,bills, bills, jobs and buzzwords will be picked at, but all with a knowing wink and an enormous sense of fun. Find their brand of character- based comedy at The Caves this August.

(Lorna Irvine)

Just the Tonic at the Caves, Edinburgh, 6.40 pm, Aug 3-26 




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