Review: Sextile-Albeit Living

Los Angeles trio Sextile‘s second album Albeit Living is an interesting proposition. There are some fine bratty vocals by Brady Keehn, and Melissa Scaduto’s whipping drums and stabbing synth noises by Eddie Wuebben give the songs a real urgency. The lyrics deal in overcoming addiction, ennui, and the need for escape.

It’s as though they’re emulating their parents’ record collection of post-punk like PiL, Wire and Cabaret Voltaire. This is both a blessing and a curse, as, although there are decent songs like the hypnotic dub of Das Cat, and the immediate Who Killed Six, others just feel too ‘clean’.


Photo: Kiyu Kayee

Mental is one such example-it’s a production problem.The Dead Kennedys riff simply sounds too tinny beside the distortion-a little polite. More grit and lo-fi, stripped-back production would give them an edge. Still,they are young enough to find their feet, in terms of sound. Better emulating 1978 than 1968 like so many others. ¬†Hopefully, the next album will feel more 2018. There’s a great deal of promise here,and a lot to like.

(Lorna Irvine)

sextile artworkReleased on July 14th via Felte


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