Review: Doldrums- ‘Esc’


Photo: Jon Estwards

Montreal band Doldrums are more fired-up than their name might suggest. Their electro rush is pure pop, albeit the kind that has been pushed against a radiator and is now warped into a strange shape. It simply doesn’t behave as pop should. The new album Esc is out at the end of June.

Airick Asher Woodhead, the band’s leader, simply has a stubborn refusal to compromise, which is what sets him apart from his peers: “I make weird music, and I like it like that. You’re constantly at risk of diluting your work if you’re always acquiescing to other people’s standards”. To that end, the new album, the band’s third, is released on his own label.

esc album cover.jpg

Heater emulates the more oddball end of nineties dance music, with a modern twist, and Runnerup has a sexy male/female call and response. Perv is self-explanatory, an insidious unnerving soup of sonics.

It’s jittery dance music for the anxious generation.

(Lorna Irvine)

Out June 30th. Pre-order the album here:


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