Review: Rips- ‘Rips’

There is a swagger , but also an insouciance, to Brooklyn’s Rips, and their eponymous debut album. Their sound couldn’t be more New York. Produced by Parquet Courts’ Austin Brown,razor blade guitar riffs offset slack, yet melodic vocals. Malibu Entropy could be Pavement covering Felt.


Photo contributed


Damaged and the juddering Break are immediate post-punk inspired rock n roll; whereas Psychics channels a more Byrds and Big Star retro vibe. There’s the hiss of fire hydrants in their fast and frenzied percussion, and the sound of beers being cracked open with teeth in the defiant  ‘fuck you’ of Losing.It is an incredibly sexy noise.



Things really explode in the biggest beast of a track, Spell, though, which turns into a raging monster- a guitar pile-up not felt since the days of Daydream Nation. An assured and exciting debut- Iggy Pop, Thurston Moore and The Strokes alike would most likely dig ’em-a sign of quality,surely.

(Lorna Irvine)

Out on June 16th via Faux Discx


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