The Future’s Here Today:Pega Monstro

pega artwork.jpg

There is something about siblings singing together, which is just utterly unearthly. The Staves, Ibeyi, the Carter family back in the day, along with countless others, weave harmonies together that are spellbinding and impossible to replicate with other non-related band members .

So it is with Portuguese sisters Julia and Maria Reis, recording as Pega Monstro, whose new album is steeped in the tradition of close harmony singing, but with some rough edges. Their unpredictability is what saves them from being another band in thrall to the 60s, with some punky guitar playing and a refusal to fit into neat niche categories.


Photo contributed

New album Casa de Cima is simply wonderful, with immediate garagey tracks like Pouca Terra & O Miguel  contrasting sharply with Fado da Estrela du Ouro, a dark unsettling lullabye. Absolutely glorious.

(Lorna Irvine)

Out now via Upset The Rhythm



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