The Future’s Here Today: Pixx


Pixx photo by Cat Stevens


Hannah Rodgers, aka Pixx, is not your average twenty one year old pop performer. Ex of the Brit School, she makes unique electro pop which taps into fear, social malaise and vulnerability. Indeed, her debut album is called The Age of Anxiety, named after an WH Auden poem about industrialisation. Wouldn’t get that with Adele, would you?

The irresistible singles I Bow Down and Waterslides showcase Rodgers’ beautiful folky voice, which is seemingly of another time. This lends an ethereal, off-kilter quality to her pop, which has been picked up by the mighty 4AD label, surely an indicator of great taste. One to treasure for sure.

(Lorna Irvine)



The Age of Anxiety is out on June 9th on 4AD




Waterslides video still


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