Review:The Courtneys, Broadcast


Image from Broadcast

There’s a great triple bill tonight at Broadcast which brings energy to my tired old bones. Chump combine doomy guitar with frenetic drumming and wry, dreamy vocals. Even with a wayward cymbal making a spirited dash for freedom, they remain undaunted.

Miscellaneous Meat are altogether more punky and playful, always threatening to implode, and all the better for it . Riot Grrrl for this generation, they are profane but smart.

Headline act The Courtneys are on blazing form tonight, a sonic cocktail of punk, pop and Haight Ashbury wide-eyed harmonies.

 Country Song is more fuzzy than on record, and a suitably toothsome Lost Boys‘ candy striped riffs gets the small but appreciative crowd bouncing.

Jen Twynn Payne,the drumming vocalist ,seems to have a limitless supply of energy, along with a heavenly, breezy voice-and they joke that they wrote the set list on a Tunnocks Teacake wrapper…. What’s not to like?

(Lorna Irvine)

The Courtneys II is out now via Flying Nun


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