Review: Amber Arcades- Cannonball EP


Photo: Nick Helderman

Dutch born Annelotte De Graaf  who records as Amber Arcades has been ascending through the last five years. Her debut album Fading Lines was a definite highlight of last year- a sweet, hazy slice of dream-pop which sounded tinged with melancholy, yet effortlessly breezy.

New EP Cannonball , nothing to do with the Breeders’ classic, continues in this way. her cover of the Nick Drake ballad, Which Will reinvents it as a shimmering pop song, as optimistic as he was tentative.


With Bill Ryder-Jones. Photo: Nick Helderman

Her collaboration with The Coral’s Bill Ryder-Jones, Wouldn’t Even Know, will inevitably invite obvious comparisons with Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, but they are fitting ones- his scratchy, careworn voice complements De Graaf’s purity.

And if It Changes dazzles like Hooch in sunlight, an immediate, effervescent pop song; then the title track is its sad-eyed counterpart: girl group introspection with a touch of early Jesus and Mary Chain. Catch Amber Arcades in the summer, before they go stadium-sized.


Out June 2nd on Heavenly Recordings


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