Review:Collective Endeavours


Collective Endeavours Govanhill Baths. 30 April 2017 Dance International Glasgow

Photo By Brian Hartley
Govanhill Baths is the setting for this event, part of Dance International. With an experimental low-key flavour, all of the acts are very impressive, and all very different.

Seke Chimutengwende’s opener is a fusion of storytelling and responses to the rhythms of his own body and text. Framed around the famous quote from Lady Macbeth:’Out damned spot!’ his movements are clever, pithy and as mercurial as the complex narrative he weaves, which takes in mortality, morality and the best way to bury pirates,Egyptian gods and entertainers. One of ‘the nice guys’, he’s an engaging, funny and likable talent who even has the young children and babies in the audience spellbound- no easy feat for any performer.

Kai-Wen Chuang’s Zao Yin sees the dancer move to field recordings and original music by Luke Sutherland. She is a graceful,subtle performer navigating through the moods, tempos and textures of life, veering from city to rural settings.

Sound Of Yell are Stevie Jones, Vikki Morton and Georgie McGeown, who play an eclectic mix of electronics, guitar, woodwind and percussion. They are talented and engaging musicians, but I have a feeling a bigger space would suit their pastoral sound more.

Headliners Collective Endeavours are comprised of two musicians- Jer Reid and Alex South, and three dancers- Solene Weinachter, Joan Cleville and Audrey Rogero. Their use of space is highly inventive and fluid;playful and immediate. A wry spaghetti western-inspired narrative unfolds, which utilises a hybrid of urban, flamenco and more contemporary dance movements. Reid loops his guitar into a punky, post-rock spin on Ennio Morricone. It’s all created through improvisation,unique and feels very special- here’s hoping we see more of this collective in the future.

(Lorna Irvine)

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