Review: Confessional, Oran Mor

With a fine cast of three in the shape of Sally Reid , Jonathan Watson and Cameron Fulton, David Weir’s Confessional is one of those amiable, yet somewhat forgettable, PPP productions. Kevin (Fulton) is a typically horny adolescent from a Catholic family.

When he falls for the local ‘stunner’, it’s increasingly unlikely he will following in his uncle’s footsteps and enter into the priesthood. His approach to God is more ‘Neapolitan, like the ice cream, three tiers- father,son, holy ghost, ken- strawberry, vanilla and chocolate?!’

Meanwhile, Reid and Watson have fun playing with various roles (Reid is the minxy schoolgirl or frowsy mum; Watson swings between pious hand-wringing and bawdy gags as priest or father) but Cameron Fulton’s cheekiness is the focal point- he’s fantastic, a very assured young actor.

IMG_5903i Cameron Fulton, Sally Reid, Jonathan Watson

Photo: Leslie Black

Ryan Alexander Dewar’s light but fizzy direction gives some Brechtian twists to the narrative, and there is a lot that can be done with the collection plate and a secret stash of videos. I just wish there weren’t so many gender stereotypes. Still, that was the 1980s for you. Men were men- or sometimes Richard Widmark, and women were grateful. It’s (not really) a sin, but mostly a lot of undemanding fun.

Cameron ,Jonathan Watson

Photo: Leslie Black

(Lorna Irvine)

At Oran Mor until Saturday,6th April


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