Review: Mark Lanegan Band-GARGOYLE


Photo: Eric Gabriel

Of all the musicians to survive the grunge era, many might not have put money on erstwhile Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan having a career in 2017. Yet, thanks to his brilliant songwriting and that unmistakable voice, gravelly as cigars and honey, Lanegan endures.

Produced by Alain Johannes, Gargoyle focuses on the greatcoat dramas of post-punk: low, rumbling basslines and dirty synth-lines in Nocturne. Drunk On Destruction and Beehive are more stately.

gargoyleNihilism and dark humour is woven into the fabric of all that he does, as with his peers. Love is ‘a sickness’, suggesting his addictions to doomed romance are just another cross to bear. Old Swan closes the album with a bang, proving you just can’t keep a survivor down.

A UK tour in June follows this release, including a date at Glastonbury and then a US tour.

(Lorna Irvine)

Out now On Heavenly Recordings



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