Preview: Descent

Wendy Seager Greg Powrie

Wendy Seager and Greg Powrie in rehearsals

DESCENTEarly on-set dementia is not the easiest of subjects to tackle in real life, let alone take on as part of a theatre production, but writer and actor Linda Duncan McLaughlin’s beautiful drama, directed by Allie Butler, is the kind of theatre that really matters.

Rob (Greg Powrie) is an architect, and his whole world revolves around order. Outspoken Cathy (Wendy Seager) is his long-suffering wife. But when Rob starts showing signs of dementia, such as forgetting things that were second-nature, denial sets in, with only their daughter Nicola (Fiona MacNeil) determined to get him tested, and neither one of the couple willing to admit there is a problem. Knotty, funny and lyrical, love and understanding is key in this raw, but humane play, which was critically acclaimed across the board during its first inception at PPP at Oran Mor, and nominated for a CATS Award for Best New Play in 2016.

Descent 2

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Linda Duncan McLaughlin (pictured above with assistant director Neil John Gibson)  based the play on academic research, experiences within her family, and spoke to carers and sufferers of the illness.This brings deep insights and should resonate with many people. The play starts at The Beacon Theatre, Greenock and tours all over Scotland. See it and see something incredibly powerful.

(Lorna Irvine)

Touring from April 29th-May 20th


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