Review:Grimalkin 555 at Buzzcut

Grimalkin 555: ‘No Demoniacs!’ Govan Parish Church 

We are gathered here tonight to bear witness to horror screen misogyny: to torture; mutilation, stabbing, strangulation, asphyxiation, hurtling bodies off buildings.All in glorious monochrome and Technicolor: women in the final death throes, hysterical and helpless, dying, endlessly dying,and all so beautifully.

In front of the screen beside her keyboards stands noise musician Sarah Glass, clad in a purple gown and black lace mask which covers her entire face, like an avenging Gothic goddess. Shaking like an evangelist speaking in tongues, she plays a siren-like sound on her synths. She strides out pass the audience, picks up a microphone and screams into it, then repeats this like a ritual.



The loops of her screams (some more animal than human, some shrill) are now a tidal wave- like the bowels of Hell. A symphony of female terror, giving voice to the often voiceless or nameless, whose only requirement is to die on screen. It’s terrifying, yet oddly thrilling. A theatrical, visceral and beautiful piece,never likely to be forgotten by all who have experienced it.

A magnificent, uncompromising statement.

(Lorna Irvine)

Part of Buzzcut Festival 2017


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