Polish neo-classical composer and musician Michal Jacaszek‘s new album is a thing of precarious beauty. Kwiaty, which translates as ‘flowers’,  pulses to an ethereal wave, somewhere between ambient, classical minimalism, noise music and the kind of indie found on 4AD.

Inspired by the 17th century poetry of Robert Herrick,which shaped the structure of the sound, he says it touches on ‘death, pain, longing and loneliness, but somehow bringing hope and solace’. To Flowers has half-buried vocals, and waves of electronics, and Soft Music weaves in and out like a waking dream, jammed signals and static all over it.

White Island is a ghostly waltz which builds in layers of distortion, and Eternity errs more towards a stately Gothic. Above all, the whole is familiar yet strange, as though these sounds have existed before, deeply submerged within us.

As fragile and strong as glass.Handle with great care.

(Lorna Irvine)


Out now via Ghostly International



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