In a world seemingly on the brink of collapse (Trump’s air strikes; The Guardian’s  bizarre claims that Harry Styles is the new Bowie) some things really make sense. This new EP sees Skating Polly team up with Nina Gordon and Louise Post from recently reformed 90s indie band Veruca Salt. The pair have co-written the tracks here, and there is a move away from the Hole- inspired sound into a slicker, but no less edgy, grunge pop.


Photo contributed

Produced by Brad Wood, it’s a bigger, more expansive sound. That’s not the only change here though. Once just the two of them, Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse have become a trio, with brother Kurtis Mayo joining them on drums.

Louder In Outer Space has the loud/quiet dynamics, offset by girl group harmonies and a John Cale like stabbing piano, a la his work during his Velvet Underground days, or on The Stooges’ I Wanna Be your DogHail Mary is the most immediate song, a slow burner evocative of Nirvana’s Polly bubbling with violence, whereas Black Sky is the most poppy of the three. Fans can rest assured though, there is nothing here likely to appeal to fans of Olly Murs.There is still enough of an undertow to draw in indie music fans.

new trick cover

Artwork: Melanie Nissen


(Lorna Irvine)

Released on April 28th via El Camino Media


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