Review: Sheer Mag Compilation


A quintet from Philadelphia, Sheer Mag wear their 70s influences as unashamed as Quo fans unironically wear double denim.  We’re talking big riffs, punk spirit and glam inflected stompers here, like the sassy blues of  Sit and Cry and pile-driving Travelin’ On.

Propulsive rhythms by Ian Dyksha and Kyle and Hart Seely drive their sound, but it’s Tina Halladay’s throaty vocals, evocative of the likes of Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett that sit front and centre. She can sound like a rock goddess, or a lost little girl, so expressive is she.


Photo contributed

Compiled from their clutch of 2014-16 EPs, this is good honest rock ‘n’ roll. From the unashamed power pop opener,What You Want to the more vulnerable Worth the Tears to  the confrontational Nobody’s Baby, they bite, purr and snarl.

Lyrically defiant too,they teasingly defy the hetero-normative proclamations of cock rock.Not for no good reason are they called Sheer Magnitude- a force to be reckoned with. Best played loud in an open-top convertible speeding down a highway, or a seedy downtown bar with some JDs- straight up, no chasers. Just don’t mix the two.

(Lorna Irvine)


Out now via Static Shock



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