The Future’s Here Today: H Grimace



Photo: Kris Rimmer

Not a solo artist, but rather a London-based quartet, H Grimace make muscular indie inspired by post-punk and grunge: it’s doomy, but with a strong melodic sensibility. The band is comprised of Hannah Gledhill, Marcus Browne, Colin Johnson and Diago Gomes.

cover h grimace

Call it Out was inspired by a friend of the band getting drugged at a party.  Meanwhile, poet/artist Vivienne Griffin collaborates on opening track 2.1 Woman, which is a call to women everywhere to stop trying to conform and be perfect. A strong debut with plenty to say, with some forthcoming tour dates in Spring and Summer, culminating in the Green Man Festival in August.

(Lorna Irvine)



h grimace

Photo:Kris Rimmer

Self Architect is out on April 7th via Opposite Number


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