The Future’s Here Today: Lydia Ainsworth


Photo contributed

Toronto based Lydia Ainsworth is a composer, artist and producer who will most likely appeal to admirers of the more ethereal pop out there- the likes of Jane Weaver; Grimes, Mary Epworth et al- singers who are hard to pin down in terms of style and influence, who flirt with dark and esoteric subject matter.

There aren’t many singers who would take on Chris Isaak’s twangy noir classic Wicked Game but she re-imagines it as an electro swoon. New album Darling of the Afterglow is an idiosyncratic mash-up of electro and dream pop, swathed in strings and keyboards, with her keening vocals front and centre.


There is also a little Gothic sensuality, most evident in the breathy track The Road which deconstructs disco and puts it back together for the i Pad generation. An assured record for these odd times. Europe and UK dates follow in May and June.

(Lorna Irvine)

Released via Bella Union on March 31st


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