The Future’s Here Today: Allred & Broderick

allred and broderick

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Despite sounding like a branch of solicitors, Allred & Broderick are in fact a dynamic duo of cult indie musicians, David Allred and Peter Broderick, who have teamed up together for this new project Find The Ways on the mighty Erased Tapes label.

Using an utterly minimalist aesthetic, the pair wanted to go back to basics, so have stuck to twinned vocals front and centre, often merging as one unit, accompanied by violin and double bass only. In this current pop climate of big slick production values, with massive sound systems, vocodered vocals, samples and booming bass, it sticks out as quite a musical anomaly, and is all the richer and more interesting for it.

Lyrically, too, they don’t pull their punches. It’s all about the complexity of human nature, groping towards understanding, celebrating difference and coming together in troubled times.The Ways with its striking, star-studded video (below) is just that- a plea for kindness, and Hey Stranger was inspired by a missing friend.

In the immortal words of Morrissey, back in the day, ‘it takes guts to be gentle and kind’. David Allred & Peter Broderick are the epitome of that.Look out for Cillian Murphy and his cute dog in the video!

(Lorna Irvine)


Out on April 7th via Erased Tapes


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